Business to Business offer (B2B)

       As time passes and observing the needs of hobby sewing and the business of sewing, SIA Pērļu Rotnīca offers to promote the growth of every person in sewing clothes and selling them. In order to promote the development of every business, we offer to cooperate in the business-to-business segment.

       In order to promote the business development of our cooperation partners (dressmakers and not only), we can offer:

1. Competitive prices on various types of fabrics from major fabric wholesalers.

2. Production of woven clothing tags.

3. Purchase of high-quality threads at wholesale prices.

4. Printing options on various types of fabrics at competitive prices (cotton knitwear, cotton eyelet knitwear, viscose knitwear, softshell, bamboo fabric, 100% cotton insulated fabric, printing on hanging cotton eyelet knitwear).

If you have any questions, please write to [email protected] or call +37126117729. Only through negotiation will we be able to find a common solution and enjoy the growth of your business together!


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